Leeloop Lice Preventing Hair Ties

Leeloop Lice Preventing Hair Ties
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Leeloop Lice Preventing Hair Ties
Leeloop is a smart hairband that helps protect children from lice contamination, thanks to a 100% natural, lice-repelling blend of essential oils sealed into the hairband, for 2 weeks.
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More about the product

Leeloop Lice Prevention Hair Bands contain no pesticides or artificial ingredients. The bands are simply worn on the head during the day to protect against lice. The elasticated bands contain essential oils and are powered by Phytolice Complex which helps to prevent lice simply. They have a pleasant smell and begin to work instantly and last for at least 2 weeks.
- 95% proven efficacy in lice prevention (independently tested)
- Pack contains 4 pieces
- 1 hairband = up to 2 weeks protection
- No pesticides or artificial ingredients

 Effective, safe and extremely easy to use the Leeloop hairband has a great scent that kids love and lice hate.

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