Micro Nail Electric Nail Polisher

Micro Nail Electric Nail Polisher
Product Name
Micro Nail Electric Nail Polisher
Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher buffs & shines nails in seconds. Reveals naturally shiny nails in seconds.
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More about the product

MICRO Nail is a new, innovative nail care product that buffs, smoothes and shines nails leaving them ready to wear and smooth enough for nail polish to glide on effortlessly. Ideal for hands and feet. Super Smooth | Super Shine - MICRO Smooth Rollers rotate 1800 times per minute to smooth away ridges instantly - MICRO Shine Rollers rapidly shine leaving them with a naturally beautiful shine. - Gives a naturally beautiful shine that lasts up to 2 weeks. - This revolutionary battery powered device is easy to use, taking the hard work out of nail buffing.

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