Micro Pedi Refills (2 Pack)

Micro Pedi Refills (2 Pack)
Product Name
Micro Pedi Refills (2 Pack)
The MICRO Pedi Replacement Rollers remove hard and rough skin on the soles, toes and heels of the feet.

More about the product

 Emjoi MICRO Pedi Blue Replacement Rollers (2pc) You can buff away that unwanted dry hard skin on your feet with minimal effort now with the Emojoi MICRO Pedi Unit. These MICRO Pedi Blue Replacement Rollers make life that little bit easier for you working to remove dead skin by rotating over 30 times a second. These replacement rollers are for extra coarse skin that is a pain to budge and can last for upto 2 months. Ensure you don't run out and stock up now!

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