Gillette Fusion Blades (4)

Gillette Fusion Blades (4)
Product Name
Gillette Fusion Blades (4)
The Gillette Fusion Blade has five blades spaced closer together to help reduce pressure for extraordinary comfort. The Precision trimmer is built into the back of the cartridge.
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More about the product

Gillette Fusion is the first and only shaving system that has revolutionary technology on the front and the back of the cartridge. The Precision Trimmer™ Blade is built into the back of the cartridge. Perfect for tricky places like sideburns, under the nose and around facial hair. Gillette Fusion Blades have an enhanced indicator lubrastrip which has vitamin E and aloe, and fades to white when you are no longer getting your optimal shave. The flexible comfort guard gently sets up the beard to help comfortably shave you incredibly close.

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