Baby Foot Gift Set

Baby Foot Gift Set
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Baby Foot Gift Set
The perfect duo for super smooth and soft feet.

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The perfect duo for super smooth and soft feet.

The Baby Foot Gift Set contains the best-selling Exfoliation Foot Peel plus the Extra Rich Foot Cream. Together, they are the perfect duo for super soft and smooth feet.

Note: Before applying Baby Foot, please patch test the product on a smaller area of skin.

• Apply Baby Foot to cleansed feet and use the enclosed tape to secure around the feet and ankles.

• Wear the socks for one hour to allow the gel to be fully absorbed into the feet.

• After one hour, remove the socks, and gently wash with soap and water.

• The dead skin will begin to peel within 2-7 days after the initial application, and will continue to peel naturally for about 2-3 weeks. This will depend on the amount of dead skin on the feet.

How to use:
1 – Before using the product, always test that your skin isn’t reactive to it by testing it on a small area of skin.
2 – After cleaning both your feet, put on the socks and attach them around your ankles with the sock’s band to make sure that the gel doesn’t run.
3 – Wear the socks for 1 hour to allow the gel to penetrate.
4 – After an hour, remove the socks and clean your feet in soapy water.
5 – Dead skin will start to detach itself 5 to 8 days after the initial application.
6 – Dead skin will naturally disappear, in 15 days your skin will become soft and beautiful.
Taking a foot bath Before and After applying the sock will improve its effects.
Before use read the instructions carefully.
When using, do not put the gel in contact with clothes, carpets, furniture, etc… Do not put the gel in contact with eyes and do not leave on for longer than its recommended use time.
After use: do not apply other products until the dead skin is naturally removed.

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