Mane 'n Tail Travel Conditioner (60ml)

Mane 'n Tail Travel Conditioner (60ml)
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Mane 'n Tail Travel Conditioner (60ml)
Protein rich formula helps to keep your hair soft and shiny.
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More about the product

 The Mane 'n Tail Original Conditioner is an innovative horse to human crossover formula, originally created to keep your pony's hair soft and shiny.

With a protein-rich formula, the nourishing conditioner replenishes dry, damaged hair, whilst repairing breakage and split ends to reveal strong, healthy hair from root to tip. Suitable for all hair types, it effortlessly detangles unmanageable hair and promotes healthy hair growth for a fuller look and feel.
Not tested on animals.
Safe to use on both human and horse hair.

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