Alpecin Caffiene Shampoo

Alpecin Caffiene Shampoo
Product Name
Alpecin Caffiene Shampoo
Alpecin German Caffeine Shampoo can help stimulate hair growth directly at the roots.

More about the product

This Caffeine Shampoo contains caffeine that can help to stimulate hair growth directly at the roots. A daily wash with Alpecin C1 shampoo immediately provides the hair roots with the activating ingredient. Alpecin Caffeine shampoo Hair Energizer is detectable after being left on for as little as 120 seconds. If left on longer, more caffeine will be absorbed into the scalp. Men’s skin is more sensitive than women’s skin. This is due to the male hormone testosterone – it makes men’s skin less robust and weakens its natural protective function significantly. For the scalp, this means that it loses moisture, its cells regenerate too slowly and both skin and hair roots age prematurely, thereby accelerating hair loss.

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